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Who Are We?

White-tail fawns at the CenterThe Mercer County Wildlife Center is a state and federally licensed facility that cares for injured, ill, and displaced native wildlife. The Center provides these animals with medical treatment and a temporary refuge before releasing them back into an appropriate wild habitat.

The Center strives to preserve our natural wildlife by accepting and rehabilitating birds and mammals from the central New Jersey area. As human development continues along the east coast corridor, suitable habitat available to wildlife decreases. This leads to more human contact, resulting in an increased risk of injury to both animals and humans. 

How Do We Do This?

Red foxThe Mercer County Wildlife Center is open 365 days a year and is directed by a licensed, full-time wildlife rehabilitator. Two additional full-time employees, a handful of seasonal employees, and more than 70 trained and dedicated volunteers and interns provide care to almost 2,000 wildlife patients that are brought to the Center each year.

Although all services we provide are free of charge to those who bring animals in need of care, we greatly appreciate donations. Any donation made to the Center is tax deductible. Learn more about donations...

About Our Web Site

Use our web site to learn about the kinds of wildlife with whom we share our habitat here in New Jersey and how to peacefully coexist, to learn what to do if you have found an animal in need, to schedule an education program, to learn more about volunteer opportunities and other ways to help, to find answers to questions you may have about wildlife and about the Mercer County Wildlife Center, and to get directions to the Center.